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Hello there!

As a computer enthusiast from a young age, a computer graphics major, business minor, and web developer for the past 12 years, I bring a healthy mixture of technological prowess, creativity, business acumen, and leadership skills.

Please take a look below at some of my professional accomplishments over the years. If you find that I am a great fit for your working needs, please contact me and I would love to respond.

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OFS Brands examples

OFS Brands

Employed from July 2016

Work includes: creating and managing multiple brand websites, an e-commerce store, internal website portals, and varies B2B toolsets, along with ideation planning, technology support, and reporting.

Website Development

Written and maintained every brand facing website, co-wrote company internal tools covering literature sample ordering, learning platforms, crm systems, and a whole lot more.

Ideation Contributions

Brought to life various internal tools by creating UX/UI templates, submitting feature ideas, and researching solutions. As a recent example, I have helped plan, research, and developed an online catalog that allowed OFS to convert static pricing PDFs into a web-tool that allows users to customize 3d models with over 5,000 part numbers with millions of combinations, while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on PDF creation.

Programming Support

Have helped several user groups involving industry dealers, sales representatives, and end users with support cases through a ticket system and delivering website changes from inter departmental requests.

CLI Examples


Previously Employed January 2013 - July 2016

Work included: creating and managing multiple e-commerce stores and websites, web consulting, marketing emails, ad creation, programming support, software development, statistical reporting.

Website Development

I've successfully helped launch several national branded ecommerce stores. While continually supporting them with site updates and customer usability through A/B split tests.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a constant supplier of business at CLI International. I developed emails on a daily bases that reach hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Programming Support

When a front end application is needed, I lent my hand to create frontend programs. I've also helped maintain databases and contribute C# code on projects.

RideTech examples


Previously Employed January 2010 - January 2013

Work involved: creating and editing an eCommerce store, designing email marketing campaigns, using social media, developing content management systems, and on occasion, laying out print media.

Ecommerce Development

Every year that I worked at Ridetech, website sales increased by 30%. At the point of departure, online web sales compared to all other sales was at the highest point in company history.

Email and Social Media Marketing

Keeping constant contact with customers was a big priority at Ridetech. We leveraged email and social media marketing to include race event results, customer photographs, and installation tips. With targeted engaging content, the facebook page grew from a couple thousand to tens of thousands.

Print Displays

Fliers, Vehicle Vinyl Wraps, and Booth Displays are all things I've helped create for Ridetech. For the catalog I worked cooperatively with another designer to supply product photography and technical graphics.







Jetbrains Suite Phpstorm, Webstorm
Adobe creative suite Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Cloud software

Google documents

Cloud platforms

AWS S3, Lambda, Cloudfront, CloudSearch
Google Cloud Google Maps API, Compute Engine

Version control

Git Gitlab, Github
SVN TortoiseSvn

Development principles

Code development
Deployment pipelines
Code testing
Documentation and training
Coding standards




Aquia Drupal Developer Certification

Aquia Drupal Developer Certification

Drupal community involvement:

  • Drupal Association member
  • DrupalCon Attendee
  • Community Contributor


Purdue University

GPA: 3.77/4.0
August 2006 - December 2009
West Lafayette, IN
Major in Computer Graphics Technology
Minor in Business Management
Graduated with academic honors
Top 10 percentile of graduating class

Madison Consolidated High School

GPA: 3.85/4.0
August 2002 - May 2006
Madison, IN
Graduated with a class rank of 32
Academic Honors Diploma


Dubois County Emerging Leaders 2010-2016

A philanthropic giving circle.

Involved with leadership training exercises.

Boy Scouts of America 2002-2006

Troop leader for 4 years.

Achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.


"People at CLI are still saying, 'I wish George were still here, he would know how to do this'"

Mike M. CLIMike M.


You've made it this far! You must really care about me, here's a bonus, my top four hobbies:

Animal lover

Animal lover

Two annoyingly friendly dogs, 1 hot tempered rabbit.

Houseplants addict

Houseplants addict

At 150 plants owned, down to 149 next week.

Photography hobbyist

Photography hobbyist

Since my first 1 megapixel camera in 2008. View some of my photographs.

Music super fan

Music super fan

Logged over 2,000 hours of listening on Spotify last year.


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Location: Muncie, IN
Phone: 812.631.5833

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